Kemi Badenoch MP Rural Crime Survey 2023

Early this year the Government delivered on its 2019 manifesto commitment to recruit an additional 20,000 police officers by March 2023, in fact they exceeded it.  

Delivering on this pledge and keeping our communities safe is one of my key priorities for our constituency. With an additional 500 officers and an increased budget of nearly £364 million, Essex Police are focused on tackling on resident's priorities, including rural crime.

I understand how rural crime can have a huge impact on our communities. It is vital residents feel safe in their homes, town and villages. I want to know if you and your local area have been impacted.

Too often rural crime goes unreported and we need accurate information to reduce crime in our area. Please take a few moments of your time to complete my survey and share your concerns on rural crime.

As your MP, I am determined to deal with the issues affecting our constituency. I will report back on the results of this survey and work with the local police and authorities to ensure our area is a safe place for all of us. 

If you have any questions or feedback, do email me at

Additionally, learn more about Essex Police's countywide Rural Crime Plan 2023-2026 here.




N.B. Please note the survey is for residents of the Saffron Walden constituency. Find out your MP and constituency here



Rural Crime Survey 2023

  • Current Your views on rural crime
  • Your details
1. Have you experienced or witnessed any form of rural crime?
Rural crime is defined as any crime committed in a rural location, or where the victim is specifically targeted because of their connection to, or involvement in, the rural community, economy, or area.
2. Do you know of anyone locally (aside from yourself) who has experienced rural crime in the last few months?
3. Which of the following crimes have you encountered in your area in the last few months?
4. Where you have experienced rural crime in the last few months, how would you describe the police response?
5. How concerned are you on a scale of 1-5 (least concern to most concern) as to the level of rural crime locally?
6. Essex Police has a Rural Engagement Team dedicated to tackling rural crime and operates a Farm and Rural Watch scheme. Were you aware of these?
7. Which of the following have you previously accessed as a source of crime prevention advice (choose all that apply)
8. Which type of rural crime do you feel most concerned by? (max 3 answers)
9. Would you attend a rural crime forum or event?