Re-Selection as your Candidate

I am delighted to have been re-selected as the Conservative Party Candidate for Saffron Walden in the upcoming General Election. It has been an honour to represent our constituency for the past 2 years. 

Since the last election, I have campaigned successfully on a number of issues: most notably to increase the police presence across Saffron Walden, meaning that residents, businesses and rural communities feel safe and better protected. I am particularly proud not just to have lobbied, but as a minister, to have helped implement an increase in per pupil funding for every primary and secondary school across the Saffron Walden constituency. 

I successfully campaigned for £750,000 for Uttlesford to receive capacity funding to plan the infrastructure we need if we are to have sustainable new homes for local residents. After my work with neighbouring MPs, the Conservative Government has also pledged to replace the Princess Alexandra Hospital serving the west of the constituency, with a state-of-the-art new facility.

Going forwards, I will continue to press on improvements to our quality of life, such as getting universal broadband coverage to improve the home and working lives of residents and strengthening our environmental laws locally and globally for the benefit of future generations.

Finally, it is important we respect the democratic vote to leave the EU and so I will continue to support the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal to ensure we leave in an orderly way.

I will remain a strong voice for residents both locally and in Parliament, doing everything I can to better the lives of everyone in our constituency.