40 years after Airey Neave's death, we ought to reflect on his legacy and the value of treating MPs with respect

40 years ago, Airey Neave was killed by a bomb planted under his car by the Irish National Liberation Army. Neave is one of my political heroes. A politician, soldier, Colditz-escaper and spymaster, Margaret Thatcher summed him up best in her tribute to him following his murder: “He was one of freedom’s warriors…He was staunch, brave, true, strong; but he was very gentle and kind and loyal. It’s a rare combination of qualities.”

Airey has always been my political inspiration. His charm masked a meticulous mind. A mind that guided him through multiple escape attempts from Colditz; to prosecute at the Nuremburg trials; and to become one of the most formidable politicians of the time. Politics was a lesser place without him.

I recently wrote an article for the Telegraph about what Airey Neave and his legacy can continue to teach us. You can read it in full by clicking the link below. 


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