2019 Local Election results

Congratulations to all those who were elected to Uttlesford District Council last week and commiserations to those who sadly lost their seats. Having won and lost elections myself, I can empathise with both the elation, disappointment, and sometimes relief that candidates will be feeling.

Thank you to all those that took part in the democratic process, especially as many of you would have taken time away from your families or jobs. Not enough people understand the personal and financial sacrifice made by those who run for council.

Personally, I am disappointed that Uttlesford is no longer a Conservative-run council but RFU won the election convincingly and clearly voters wanted a changing of the guard.

However, winning is just the start. Taking on the responsibility of delivering for all our residents across the district in a way that the majority find satisfactory is much more difficult.

The new administration has been handed a council that is in good shape financially, with well-run services and great progress being made on social housing.

I wish them well and look forward to the same constructive working relationship with the council that I have had over the past 2 years.